The AIF joined members of Parliament, other trade bodies and industry leaders in Westminster on 12 December 2023 at the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Working at Height meeting.

Together, we discussed the challenges faced in the fight to make working at height safer for all, and how technology – such as wearable tech, mobile apps, virtual and augmented reality – can be used to stop falls.

HSE statistics highlight that falls from height are consistently the leading cause of workplace fatalities. Home and leisure accident data is not always reported, but we do know non-fatal falls often result in life-altering consequences for individuals, families, and colleagues.

The AIF is renewing its call for a simplified system of reporting to more accurately reflect the cause of workplace accidents so that informed, preventative measures can be implemented to address the cause of fall from height incidents.

The APPG on Working at Height aims to address falls from height with four requests:
1. Simplified reporting – help everyone to focus on positive change
2. Everyone playing their part
3. Embracing technology to stop falls
4. Raise awareness of the consequences of falls and objects falling from height.

Read the APPG on Working at Height Manifesto and learn more on the APPG website.