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Working at height guidance | Client

Compiled by work at height organisations dedicated to keeping people who need to work at height, Safety Steps are enabling documents. They provide essential messages that can be used – in whole or part – by those who aim to produce any type of output for the five target audiences.

How you might use Safety Steps | Client

From toolbox talks to checklists, providing a structure for training material content to informing flowcharts, Safety Steps, have a wide range of uses

Flowcharts/ infographics

Training materials

Toolbox talks

Poster campaigns

Rules and guidelines

Scope of Safety Steps

Safety Steps covers general information on work at height rather than task-specific aspects. So, for example, the messages don’t provide information about specific situations such as the use of scaffolding or mobile work platforms, or working on roofs. However the general information provided underpins any, more specific, work at height information. the content can be more easily adapted for other use in further outputs and communication channels).

Other documents available


  • Key issues to consider
  • Skills and knowledge
  • Low-risk maintenace


  • Plan work at height
  • Manage sub-contractors
  • Inspect Equipment


  • Assess and record risks
  • Monitor work at height
  • Inspect equipment


  • Aware of responsibilities
  • Safe work at height
  • Training and Inspection

Disclaimer and copyright notice

Safety Steps have been produced by the Work at Height sub-group of the CONIAC ‘Managing Risk Well’ group. You are free to reproduce and use, subject to the following conditions of use:
  1. Safety Steps is free to use for any purpose that aims to improve or maintain safety when working at height.
  2. The material is ©CONIAC and any significant use should acknowledge CONIAC as the source.
  3. Any material changes in content or ordering to (as opposed to extracts from) the content of Safety Steps are not authorised by the authors and must not be attributed to the authors or the Access Industry Forum.
  4. Any queries about the possible use of Safety Steps should be referred to the authors using the ‘Feedback button’ on the Safety Steps page.
  5. Any commercial use should also refer readers to the AIF webpage where Safety Steps is freely available.
  6. The Access Industy Forum is the document host and provides Safety Steps for download without accepting liability for the technical accuracy of the content, any person downloading Safety Steps accepts the information is provided as general guidance for working at height.
  7. Safety Steps are not designed to be used to inform individual, site-specific requirements.