In modern day construction and refurbishment, two basic types of edge protection are commonly seen, with other, more specialist solutions also available. Understanding what systems are appropriate to your project and what that system must be capable of is vital to the safety of those working near an edge and those below it.

The Edge Protection Federation (EPF) and Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training (FASET) here provide an overview of BS EN 13374 and points clients should consider when dealing with edge protection. Both member organisations provide training and guidance in the supply of edge protection systems and sit on European Standards and HSE committees on the subject.

Up to, but not usually including roof height, Proprietary Edge Protection Systems are commonly installed. At roof height, Tube and Fitting Edge Protection Systems are more typically installed. It is important that the correct system is installed for the application, that the system conforms to BS EN 13374: 2013, and that the operatives involved in the installation, adjustment and removal are competent.

BS EN 13374: 2013 covers any temporary edge protection system, whether Proprietary or Tube and Fitting and is also applied to permanent systems. It does not cover scaffolding.

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