the AIF

Established in 2004, the Access Industry Forum (AIF) is the forum for the ten principal trade associations and federations involved in work at height.

Each AIF member organisation represents a different sector of the access industry and are recognised leaders and authorities in their respective fields.

Together we support codes of good practice, equipment standards, training, education and knowledge.

We want everyone to work safely and competently at height, using appropriate equipment, with all workers professionally trained to industry-recognised standards.


All members of the AIF are ‘standards’ driven organisations committed to advancing safety, best practice and competency when working at height, irrespective of any particular piece of access equipment or safety solution. We do this by:
    1. Establishing the position of the industry on matters of legislation and regulation;
    2. Collaborating with other trade and professional bodies and industry stakeholders, including the Health & Safety Executive (HSE);
    3. Creating awareness and understanding of industry legislation – in particular the Work at Height Regulations 2005 and the need for competency as detailed in the  the CDM2015 Regulations – and the implications of these regulations in a practical, day-to-day context;
    4. Promoting the link between training and competency in the workplace and by advocating the need for users of all types of access equipment to be professionally trained to a recognised standard based on the agreed work procedures of its member organisations;
    5. Championing a system of accreditation whereby all users of access equipment and safety solutions, regardless of type, produce formal and independent proof of training as issued by its member organisations;
    6. Functioning as a forum and primary knowledge base for the access industry in general.

Our principal message is ‘Work safely and competently at height using appropriate equipment with personnel professionally trained to industry-recognised standards’.

This message is communicated via:

  • Our website;
  • Our member organisations through their respective websites, publications and electronic communications;
  • The trade and professional press;
  • Conferences and events;
  • Ongoing strategic partnerships with key industry stakeholders.
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