The NASC is running a ‘Join the NASC’ webinar – open to all – to encourage those within the scaffolding sector who are not yet members to consider the benefits of joining the multitude of memberships on offer at the UK’s oldest scaffold trade body, formed 1945.

The event will take place on Zoom on Tuesday June 13th at 10:00 and as Scaffmag recently reported “is set to unveil the truth about NASC membership and debunk popular myths” such as the organisation and its membership being an “old boys club,” a “cartel”, or “only for large companies.” All untruths… as you can find out for yourselves in this no obligation webinar.

Primarily, the NASC represents a diverse range of 240+ scaffolding contractors – from small to nationwide brands. But it might surprise interested parties to learn that more than 65% of the NASC’s contracting members are actually SMEs, with a turnover of between £1m and £3m.

The NASC has a growing membership of different categories from Supplier members to CISRS Training Centre members, which brings the total membership to well over 500 members. Our fastest rising membership category is NASC Information membership, a membership category aimed at main contractors, clients, and local authorities, who we are actively encouraging to adopt #ItHasToBeNASC policies on their sites and tenders. This will be very important to prospective NASC contractor members.

NASC Membership Manager, Jamie McGuire, said: “This is a very positive, open-armed event we encourage all non-NASC scaffolding contractors and eligible businesses to get involved with. This most useful, fully transparent and welcoming webinar will allow you to address any concerns or misconceptions you might have about joining the organisation. All questions are welcome.

“We are aware that there are divided opinions on the NASC and our application process, so during this webinar we welcome an opportunity to openly discuss any misconceptions that may be holding eligible businesses back from applying for NASC membership,” added McGuire.


Click on the link below to join in free of charge: